Maiden Post

I’ve tried several times in the past to create a diary – a record of what I’ve done so that those who cared might know who I am. This is only the latest attempt. I’ve got some catching up to do – so by way of making up for lost time, you’ll probably find in the midst of my daily muses, thoughts or snapshots of the past – distant or recent.

New to blogging I read my first a couple of months ago and have seen some really compelling writing. So I thought I’d have a go myself. The desire to create my own blog was reinforced by some letters I came across a few weeks ago which were written to me while I lived in Japan some 15 years ago – I was enchanted by them. They took me back into time and I could almost picture myself on the tatami in the front room of my flat reading. Also, in them were reflected my own letters to which they themselves were responses. and I saw at once the value of writing to somebody. Quite apart from recording for posterity as in a diary, a letter creates a dialogue and with it an opportunity to receive back an image of oneself. It’s you…but not just the way you see yourself but also the way you are seen by others.

As for today, I spent the evening setting up the blog template. The template’s nicked from the one of the Blogger standards while some of the stuff you see on the side – The Bookshelf and Heavy Rotation sections or the Moon Phases are inspired by what I’ve seen on other blogs – in the spirit of Open Source I’ve borrowed intensively. They provide dimension or context to what I’m saying. There’ll be more tomorrow…’night.

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