The daily practice is on a roll

Work’s been good for my asanas the last three years – My projects have allowed me to work largely from home. But today I had to go in and the drive’s 90 minutes on a good day on the meanest stretch of Canada’s busiest highway – and that’s if I leave around 6:00 am – which in turn implies a 4:00 am start to the practice. I struggled to the mat at around 4:30 am and wrapped up my practice just after 6:00 am. She peeked in on me as I was in Savasana. After she closed the door I smelled her perfume and realised she was already ready! I shaved and practically stepped in and out of the shower. The traffic was brutal but I had Neera’s company as we pool when I’m going in; and so snarling traffic congestion becomes quality time alone with spouse in an air conditioned pod. I mused on who Arsenal might sign to replace Vieira, which led me to one of my favourite podcasts which then got me onto the wonders of podcasting, digital radio and blogging.

Speaking of blogging, I was up until 11:00 pm last night messing about with this new blogging lark but I still managed to get up at 3:30 am. It used to be hard. 100% of the battle was getting to the front of the mat. If I just got out of bed and to the mat, I was certain to get through the practice. Occasionally, I’d get up 45 minutes late and just lie in bed using the excuse that since it was impossible to get through the whole practice in time, It was hardly worth practicing at all. That’s changed too. Today, If I’d only had 10 minutes I would have still squeezed out the A and B Surya Namaskar and Sirsasana.

But that never seems to happen as I pretty much always get up. My daily practice is on a roll. I’ve practiced every day since April – skipping only Moondays and a 4-day outage for a sinus infection in May. Right now it’s a home practice though. If I’m at a customer site downtown I’ll catch an evening class at the The Yoga Sanctuary now and again, but these days, I’m really limited to a home practice as I live in the wilderness (no, really I do) and it would take at least an hour to get a decent Ashtanga yoga studio.

Tomorrow, thankfully I’m working from home and that means a merciful 6:00 am get up – heck I don’t even need to set the alarm, I’ll be up at 5:30 am.

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