Ahh mooooonday

What a slacker I am to appreciate Moonday. After 4-odd months of practicing practically everyday I’ve come to appreciate my moondays. And why not? After all, I like my job but that doesn’t stop me from looking forward to and enjoying the weekend. (The analogy has limits. Sunday nights I groan a bit, but I look forward to returning to my practice after a Moonday)

Work was sweet. A hectic morning but then we spent 12 – 5 pm at Woodbine Racecourse watching thoroughbreds gallop A celebration for three major applications that recently went into production. A glorious buffet and pretty vegetarian-friendly too. There were about 60 of us and with a virtual team like ours it was often an opportunity to finally put faces to the names and voices we already knew so well. Anyway, it was an eminently civilized way to spend the afternoon. We got drink and betting vouchers and there we were in the pavilion munching and sipping and then enjoying the scenery and then walking out onto the balcony to watch the races when they ran. The track’s near Toronto International Airport and every 10 minutes or so often the planes would scream over the track just a few hundred metres above us, adding that extra bit more ambience to the whole cosmo feel to the afternoon. So…a honey brown lager, a few company-sponsored dollars on horses, and enjoyment of material-imbeddedness of it all. There are surely karmic consequences here – so I’ll take in a few sutras tonight to to re-balance 😉

By the way, the title of this Blog is in no way, shape, or form an endorsement of the recent direction of the Star Wars franchise – which sucks big stylie. I saw the first movie when I was 7 or 8 and now think it was the first serious blockbuster that nodded to eastern mysticism (or was it the first blockbuster period [replace ‘period’ with ‘fullstop’ if you feel it necessary]). I mean come on. Yoda? And doesn’t ‘The Force’ sound a lot like Prana to you? Anyway that’s why this blog’s called ‘Yogi One Can I Be’. It pretty much sums up being both Indian and Western…which is what I am.

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