A pretty good practice actually

My return to the mat after Moonday did not start well. I got up late and lay in bed vaguely aware of a dull ache in my right knee. Then into my first downward dog my right wrist went dodgy. About halfway through my Surya Bs I had to take a ‘break’ (inspite of already having already ‘gone’ twice before starting). I kept thinking this is the day I’ll be cutting it short…the asanas are just not meant to happen.

I had half days at work the last two days and my mind was on the stuff that had piled up. I thought about cutting short but then realised what that does to the rest of my life, including work. It’s unbelievable what a difference it makes. How do you explain it to those who don’t do asanas? You can’t. Only people who do it day in and day out understand what life’s like with and without asanas. Maybe I shouldn’t get so uptight about one day of practice…but so often that’s the thin end of the wedge. It all starts with one skip. Then you’re doing it all the time.

In the end it turned out to be a decent practice. The highlight was Garbha Pindasana. I thought to myself ‘I’m going to slip my hands through my legs’ And then I did. Just like that. As though I’d being doing it all my life. It’s funny with these poses. You can’t. You can’t. You can’t….and then one day you can. ‘All in coming’ says the man. In this stretch where I’ve practiced daily for about 4 months it has been coming pretty fast…and it’s created a virtuous circle that motivates me to get in there every morning. You see the progress so you keep at it. Apart from binding in the odd asana my practice is coming along faster than it ever has.

Off the mat, the summer’s crop continues to come in. We have 2 acres and have a sizeable vegetable garden – it has yielded 50lbs of peas this summer (that’s after shelling). A record. The zuccini (courgettes), cucumber, radish and lettuce have also been plentiful. I can’t take credit for it – my Dad who’s retired coaxed all this out – gardening is his passion. I do take credit for the meadow though – I planted a 1/4 acre of wildflowers the year before last. It took two years to prepare (i.e. get rid of the weeds) and we then seeded two summers ago.
Last year we got our first blooms. This year the lanceleaf coreopsis and black-eyed susans blossomed in the thousands.

The former have gone and the latter are on their way out now (pictured on the right). But the pale purple (pictured above), and prairie coneflowers, ox-eye sunflowers, bee balm (pictured below)

are taking their place in style. When they go out the goldenrod and (hopefully) asters will take over. The meadow is in some ways as much a part of my practice as the asanas.

One Response to A pretty good practice actually

  1. Susan says:

    Life without asana bad. Very very bad.
    And you are right, people who don’t asana don’t get that. I think they do get that it makes up happier or more relaxed, but they don’t get the fervor we have for it!

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