On call on the mat

Came to the mat feeling very stiff and sore – I could barely touch the mat coming down into my first Surya A. Perhaps dehydrated but that’s hard to imagine. I got loose as the heat built up and pretty soon I was in the swing. Good hamstring stretches today and hips are opening up – I’m beginning to get well down in my Upavishta Konasana for example. Sooner or later I’m going to have to take in some classes though; on some poses, I don’t see much more progress without adjustment – with Supta Konasana in particular I’m going to need somebody to get my feet behind my head. The asymmetry on my binding continues – like many, one of my sides is more flexible than the other – for me my right side is the less.

I practiced with my cell switched on today by my mat – I’ve never done this before and don’t plan to make a habit of it but had no choice today. I started my asanas late and needed to be on-call for a key cutover activity at a customer site. I just hoped I’d get through my asanas without being called…and just about did. The phone wrang a couple of minutes into Savasana. All kinds of issues – technical and communication. Contractors had the wrong addresses for the job, my on-site tech lead had the wrong pager numbers for tech support and the wrong version of the document detailing the work…and even the right version of the doc was inaccurate in places…and once we got those sorted out, the technical issues started popping up. It tough running a project with a team composed of multiple groups from your own company, as well as the customer and 3rd party contractors.

It’s 1 pm and I’m logged on and still in my yoga shorts trying to sort it all out. But doing it calmly…as becomes an aspiring yogi . We’ll get it licked 😉

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