A short hard week cued up

This’ll be a short week as next Monday is a holiday in Ontario and we’ve got Friday off. Until then there’s a lot of work to plough through. I’m exhausted from a day that started with a 4:00 am practice. I had to drive in today – 2 hours of wading with the congestion into the Sun. I slumped into my chair when I got into the office, already exhausted and wondering how I’d get through the day. In the end, I didn’t have time to think about it – it just blurred.

We never got that technical issue resolved yesterday and I got ‘escalated’ on up my ass today and I’m under some pressure to get it sorted out fast. The customer’s losing money because of the problem and if I don’t get on top of it, it’ll get passed way on up.

This and the traffic, they’re just more opportunities to perfect the practice. To meet with equanimity the people and circumstances that one is confronted with. I am utterly convinced that I handle these situations better for having discovered yoga. I’m not saying we should spend 3 hours commuting as some sort of modern austerity. Sure, we need to consider the point or pointlessness of the things we do, but everyone now and again we get put into situations that are less than ideal and the question is how we’re going to deal with – are we going to get bent out of shape about it or take it in stride? Not that I’m perfect…I’ll be honest, I still don’t deal with being stuck in traffic well. The work on the other hand, I thrive on. I love it. If I get fired, I’ll get a package and take it to Mysore. If stay employed, then I keep getting paid. Either way, I don’t lose.

On the mat today, I got pain. I’d worked out yesterday afternoon (after I’d had enough of work). Too many dumbbell flys and presses. The push down on the vinyasas – you know, right before upward dogs – were brutal. It was sleepy practice too. We had friends over for dinner and finally got into bed after 11.

I’ve got a few more 4 am practices this week. Every now and again I get these weeks where I need to go in 2 or 3 times. This is one. Then on Friday it’s another early morning (we drive to Chicago). The streak’s going to be hard to keep going this week. Wish me luck.

One more hour of tackling the emails. Then I hit he sack – just 6 1/2 hours to practice.

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