An unexpectedly good practice

The TV’s on and I’m watching ‘Supersize Me’ on the Movie Channel. It’s like watching life on another planet. I can’t believe people eat this…I can’t believe I once ate this stuff…what was I thinking?

I almost slept through my 4:00 am alarm this morning – I just about heard the last couple of beeps and managed to drag myself out, so I had very low expectations. Imagine my surprise 10 minutes later as I found myself enjoying a spectacular practice. Intense, disciplined and even focused. I was generating good heat with sweat halfway through my standing poses – quite something at 4:15 am – it couldn’t have been more than 20-22 degrees. The practice faded up bit through the sitting poses but picked my self up at Navasana. Navasana’s always felt like a milestone in my practice – like the final corner in a race…after Navasana comes the ‘home stretch’…so I feel like I’ve got to ‘gee’ myself up, take it up a notch for that last leg of the journey

Into my ‘final lap’, daylight was breaking and spying an overcast sky, I smiled inside, knowing it meant an better drive into work. Sure enough it took me ‘only’ one hour – half what it took me yesterday. It was a busy day at work – meetings, phone calls, fighting fires and that having that ‘spinning wheels in the mud’ feeling. I’d booked a session with a massage therapist for after work. With all the commuting, working out, the daily asanas, and a long trip coming up this weekend – I felt I needed a session to work out some of the tightness. 45 minutes deep deep. I’m going to be a bit sore tomorrow and I better get take on extra fluid. But I feel fantastic – loose and relaxed.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s practice already. I’m working from home Wednesday so I’m also looking forward to getting a full quota of sleep. Having said that, I feel sharp and not at all tired. After the last few hectic days it’s amazing that I should feel this good! Why do I feel so sharp? Could it be the daily practices kicking in? Is this my new normal?

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