Absent-minded practice.

It wasn’t a particularly bad practice this morning. However it was absent minded – at Supta Padangusthanasa, I suddenly realised that way back at the beginning of my practice, I’d forgotten Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana. I was daydreaming – every so often pausing to stare into space. Then coming to my senses, I’d try to remember where I was in the series. Not good. Focus…I really need to work on where my mind is during the practice.

But hey! The key thing is my run continues! Tomorrow will be a challenge. It’ll be a late night as we pack and get ready for our trip to Chicago. We want to leave around 7:00 am so it’ll mean an early practice followed by some 8 hours of driving. I’m looking forward to the trip – it might be a bit tiring but I’m looking forward to a most welcome change of scenery and a 4 day break from work; we haven’t spent a night away from our home since last October.

I’d better get on with that packing…

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