Chicago and back

Well I’m glad I didn’t go into the office today – my drive home is on that highway you may have seen in front of that burning plane and I’d be stuck in traffic trying to get past it about now. But what am I worried about? – I hope everyone got out ok.

My streak ended yesterday – the first day of practice I’ve missed since April. I practiced on Friday just before getting into the car for a 9 hour drive to Chicago and practiced both days on the weekend on a 3 by 6 ft patch on a soft carpet that’s lovely to walk on but not to practice on – even with my mat/rug combo. I’d get up early – before my wife or daughter and – which was tough since Friday and Saturday nights involved rich food, drink and late nights. Finally on Monday morning after one more late night of rich food and drink that followed a full day of wandering around and above Chicago (see picture I took – from atop the Sears Tower) and floating over Lake Michigan, I just couldn’t get myself out of bed early enough – we were driving back to Toronto at 9:00 am and more than anything else, I just ran out of time…but also probably, steam.

It’s probably just as well. This ‘streak’ was becoming tied up in motivations that were far too egoistic.

Anyway, I enjoyed the weekend immensely – 4 days off is nice. I haven’t had time off since October and it’ll get me by until I get the change to take a proper break in the fall.

Today was an outstanding practice though. I got up without an alarm around dawn having slept as much as I needed. We’ve got family visiting from England so the spare rooms are taken and I’m (ironically) practicing at the end of our bed – but this time it’s on our own firm carpet; there’s plenty of space and the ambience provided by the tall banana leaves over my head from the plant in the corner.

What I haven’t done in a while for my practice is read scripture. I’m just so busy. But I must try to find 10 minutes for even just a one or two verses.

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