nomadic practice

I’m wandering around my house looking for a spot to practice these mornings. This morning for whatever reason, the bottom of my bed didn’t seem right – it was still dark and turning the lights on would’ve woken my wife and daughter up – the latter seemingly having snuck in sometime in the night.

So, I took my practice to my study instead and practiced by my desk. It was a decent practice but there’s nothing to report in the way of a breakthrough or opening in this or that asana. It felt the same as always, though I seem to be getting very well down in my Paschimottanasanas and Janu Sirsanas. The stretch in my hamstrings seems ever present – but not in a bad way.

I had a poor day at work though. The house was full with our guests, while my wife had taken the day off. Everyone was having a good time outside my study and it was hard to focus on my work. And I’m in a rut and severely lacking motivation. I picked myself up towards the end – like my asanas, I just need to stay centred and focused…then the work will feel good and productive.

It’s been a long time since I looked at the Gita. So I decided to revisit the very first verse in Chapter 1:

Dhritarastra said:
On the holy plain of Kurukshetra, when my offspring and the sons of Pandu had gathered together, eager for battle, what did they, O Sanjaya?

The interpretation of this that I have in my edition (to the right on the bookshelf on the main page) is that this is metaphorically the question to be asked by the spiritual aspirant. On either side of the battlefield were the armies of the Kurus and Pandavas. The latter representing self-control, restraint and soul-consciousness, while the former representing ignorance, indulgence, restlessness and ego. So the yogi introspects at the end of the day and asks honestly how these contending forces faired within him.

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