The ‘not so Sattvic’ Pint

My cousin and his family are visiting from Sheffield. They have two children (3 and 6) and we’ve enjoyed listening to their Yorkshire accents the last few days. Yesterday they made the obligatory visit to Niagara falls. My parents accompanied them with my daughter – who is having a nice time with her English cousins. Apparently she’s was bowled over by Niagara – we took her there once when she was 3 and she was more interested in the chasing the seagulls back then (I recall one that decided to return the faovur and she started crying and ran into my arms in a panic – she hadn’t expected that!). Today they’re hitting downtown, and the equally obligatory visit up the CN Tower – my daughter’s going with them again and she’s never been up there – like most people anywhere we just don’t do tourism in our own city. I suspect the most fun she’ll have is going up the elevator which travels at 20ft per second and is glass fronted so you can see yourself rise above the city.

Kids definitely need to reach a certain age before they start appreciating the wonder of some things. For a while, they seem more interested in things which we find mundane – card board boxes, string, weeds – which in itself is charming.

I’ve had to come into the office Wednesday and Thursday, so I had a 4:00 am practice on Wednesday – remarkably, when I get to bed by 10:30 I am usually up without an alarm by 3:45 am. Everybody I know thinks I’m insane for this. After work, I had a one-hour session of massage therapy – mostly working on trigger point in my back and shoulder. I’m hoping that this will aid my practice.

When I got home, the tourists were back from Niagara and there was no time to cook so we ordered pizzas and washed them down with a beverage not nearly as sattvic as the one I described in my last post: beer – now, before you say anything, the pizzas were of course vegetarian and the beer was Creemore Spring Ale (my favourite) – made with spring water, non-pasteurised without additives – if a yogi’s going to drink beer then this is surely the one. And then I had to get back to work for a couple of hours as I had a deadline for tomorrow on a couple of things; I ‘multitasked’, logged in with my wireless router to the company LAN while I spent time with my family in the living room, occasionally joining the conversation.

The upshot of all this is that I got to bed around midnight. Nutter that I am, I set the alarm for a 4:30 practice since I needed to be in the office again today. But of course, I slept right through it and woke up at 6:00 – and had skip the asanas. So for the second week in a row I’ve missed a practice – I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but feel guilty about it. Tomorrow I’ll be working from home and will surely practice.

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