Breath, Focus, Scripture

I feel aware of a sensation or a feeling that my asanas have become too much like a ‘chore’ lately. They seem, these past few days, like something to be ‘gotten out of the way’…like exercise. And of course, Yoga is not supposed to be exercise (or at least merely exercise). I find myself hurrying through them because I need to get myself somewhere else doing something else. The consequence is that throughout my asanas I’m distracted – thinking of being somewhere else doing something else.

So I’m going to make real time for my asanas – I will try to make sure I get up in time to do them without having to keep a watch beside the mat with which to track time.

Having made time for my asanas, ironically, I then need to make sure I don’t need that time. That’s because the other side of my practice lately has been that on those rare occasions when I do have ample time for practice, I have tended to amble distractedly through my poses: I’ll get up and walk around my mat or I’ll stop for a half a minute to think about something that’s popped into my head.

Also, I’ve noticed that my asanas are truer and more focused when I am regularly reading from the Gita and the Sutras and I need to make them a part of my ‘off the mat’ practice again, going back to key passages continuously.

Yes. I think this is the way forward with my asanas. Breath, Focus, Scripture.

Off the matt, I am still off coffee and tea – over 7 months now. The 24th of August approaches and I am beginning to think of my birthday gift to myself (or rather my mind’s gift to my soul). Do I have the nerve to place one more tamasic habit on the alter? Am I ready to give up beer and wine? I actually don’t drink that much – it’s already a treat enjoyed only infrequently…odd that this should make it harder than easier in my mind. I drank coffee daily and, in the end, giving it up wasn’t that hard at all. Anyway I’ve still got a week or so to think about it. We’ll see.

Nobody ever said communing with God was easy.

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