Chore Master

That’s me tonight. Choremaster. My wife came home early – she had complained of not feeling well and her work arranged a limo to bring her home. Quite nice of them considering work’s some 90 km or something away all the way downtown even if she is 7 months pregnant. So I took my dad to pick up her car which she’d left at the train station half an hour away.

On the way back, I stopped off at the Canadian Tire and picked up an oil filter, engine oil, and two 40kgs of water softener salt (amazing how easy it is again to lift those bags after 6 months of strength training). When I got home, I emptied one of those bags into the softener, change the oil/oil filter in her car, ironed all the clothes and baked a loaf of bread (ok ok, so I only mixed the ingredients in the breadmaker and set the timer for 8 am). – not a bad tally of chores after a full day of the usual high-powered consulting/project management. And now finally I’m blogging.

Of course, the day, as usual began with asanas. There’s nothing new to report here – they were fine. I had some strain in my left shoulder/side of the neck (which admittedly is usually problematic); I’d worked out yesterday and probably strained a bit too much. I just started part 5 of a 10-part (12 month) work out schedule I’ve been on. They were all the areas I like working out – the so-called ‘trophy muscles’ (triceps, biceps, shoulder, upper back).

But what is this? A strength-training blog!? No. This is about Yoga. The one thing I’ll say about my practice this morning is that I had better focus. After yesterday’s blog about my general lack of concentration lately, I decided to work hard on focusing on my breath and making sure that they were proper ujjayi and to some extent I succeeded.

Our guests from Sheffield left this afternoon – a flight to Manchester and then a one hour drive through the peak district and they’ll be home early tomorrow (apparently). We have other guests arriving here early tomorrow morning – these from London (UK) and New Jersey. As you can see, we’re pretty busy entertaining when we’re at home during summer. Why wouldn’t people come? We’ve got two rambling acres in the quiet countryside atop the Niagara escarpment. And we love having people.

Since this afternoon, my daughter has been saying that she’s feeling sad. Once she even said ‘normally I smile Daddy but right now I don’t feel like it’. I think she misses her Yorkshire cousins who left today. Poor thing. Anyway, the house will be brimming with people again tomorrow morning to keep her busy…and we’ve got even more visitors (including two more small cousins) coming from New York for Labour Day weekend. So plenty of company for her!

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