Goldenrod is coming

A sure sign that fall is around the corner is the goldenrod flourishing through our wildflower meadow right now. (But as an Ashtangi you already know that Summer’s ending as it’s now still dark when you finish you practice right?). Anyway, goldenrod’s beautiful but I wonder whether I should have planted it; six years ago when I visited the site that our house would be built on, the entire two acres were covered in a vast forest of goldenrod that stood over five feet. We cleared the space for our wildflowers with Roundup three times before planting but when we tilled the soil on planting we must surely have lifted dormant goldenrod seed so perhaps I need not have planted any more – I hope it doesn’t crowd out the others. And where are the aster that are supposed to come with the goldenrod? They are perennial (pun unintented) bedfellows and I know I planted it but I don’t see a single one yet. But it’s still early and maybe they too will soon be coming.

And now to the asanas. I just finished practicing a couple an hour or so ago. I couldn’t practice this morning as were needed to be out of the house at 8:00 am. It’s my first evening practice in months – certainly the first since I started this blog. As expected, it was a boost for the ego. the warmth of the late afternoon and the midday flexibility had me binding things I can only dream of in the mornings, and for the first time in weeks I broke a proper sweat. As I’ve said before, I’d still much rather practice in the morning in spite of the improvement in form that comes from evening practices. As good as the poses and vinyasas were, the focus was way bad (for reasons I’ll get into tomorrow).

Off the mat I had a fine day off on Friday; a leisurely morning and then we took our visitors to Niagara. I cannot count the times I have seen the Falls. I’ll groan at the idea of seeing them one more time – but when I’m there I wonder why because they never fail to completely captivate me. All those negative ions; the roar; the mist; the notion that this water has come down so majestically for every second of every minute of every hour for the last 12,000 years is mind-blowing. When Patanjali wrote his Sutras, the Falls were already some 10,000 years!

On the way home that evening, we stopped in Brantford at my uncle’s Indian restaurant -The Clay Oven. We made it a very late night once again (hence the evening practice today). The food as usual was very good – especially the tandoori naan made in a clay oven brought from India. As you may guess from the restaurant’s name, it’s a specialty of the place.

All the rich food and beer that we’ve had lately while entertaining our visitors has me considering a fast this week. I haven’t fasted since December and largely my diet has evolved in ways that make fasting less compelling. However I think it may now be the time for it. I’d be fasting through my birthday but then what better way to usher in a new year? But then I better run it by my wife in case she has other ideas!

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