Fasting – Day 2

Day 1 was pretty easy. The hunger I felt was more what I might expect to feel if I hadn’t eaten in 3 or 4 hours, not 24 hours. There were no headaches – which was a surprise as I usually get them when I fast. Maybe it’s because my diet has generally improved since I last fasted. I stayed well hydrated, drinking lots of water all day long.

I also had a pretty good practice in the evening with lots of heat and much better focus than usual. Lately there have been no new breakthroughs to report. My primary series is generally pretty competent and I’m not worried about progress or any lack thereof. I’m just doing my asanas without thinking too much of where I will be with them next month or next year. I’ll just keep doing them day after day and see where they take me.

After watching everybody else eat, I spent some time reading with my daughter and playing her favourite game Trouble before getting to bed at a very yoga-respectable 10:00 pm

Day 2 of the fast has been ok as well. I’m hungry of course. I have a slight headache and I’m feeling a bit cold; the A/C hasn’t been at all today as it’s been a cool 16 degrees and I’m feeling it because I haven’t eaten in some 48 hours. In spite of all this I’ve had a productive day. I feel really focused already and am looking forward to a good practice tonight.

The kitchen’s filled with fresh vegetables my Dad brought in from the Garden – zuccinni, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers today. It’s hard to look at it all. I just want to pop one of those fresh cherry tomatoes in my mouth. Last night the rest of the family had a meal that was completely from the garden – saag made with okra from the garden with bhakri and tomato/cucumber salad. It looked good. Mind you everything looks good right now. But I’m practically through Day 2 and then one more before I break the fast with some fruit on Thursday.

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