Fasting – Day 3 (and Birthday)

It is maybe too austere to have spent one’s birthday fasting but I have had a fine day nevertheless. I got up feeling pretty weak and wondered how I would get through the day; and I felt cold again. But eventually I was fine and had a good day at work – sharp, focused and productive.

I took a 90 minute break for a practice at 12:30 that was in keeping with the way the day was turning out – excellent. I wanted to practice relatively early, anticipating my early morning tomorrow (a 4:00 am practice as I’m driving into the office). I practiced in the warmest room in the house; it gets sun through the day and I sweated buckets. For all my acceptance yesterday of where I was in my practice, I had real breakthroughs today – for example binding both ways for the first time in Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana; taking my forehead to the mat in Upavishta Konasana; and a decent (if not world-class) Chakrasana. My vinyasas were excellent – with fine controlled jump forwards. Before my asanas I took a walk through my trees and meadow – it was pastoral and indescribably fine – the butterflies dancing in pairs, the clear blue sky. I swung my daughter on her swing and walked through the vegetable patch. I thought what a fine day I’m having and how lucky I am to have all this.

After work I watched a sumptuous Arsenal beat Fulham 4-1; a nice comeback from the unlucky loss to Chelsea on the weekend.

I started writing this blog making full use of my wireless outside under my gazebo enjoying (again) the blue and green all around me. Then in the evening, I finally broke my fast with some pineapple, watermelon and grapes. In the end the food always tastes…well…like it always does: Good. You’d expect it to taste unbelievably good after three days of fasting, but in the end it was just plain good.

Now I’m sitting in front of the TV to wrap up the evening. I’m watching Octopussy – the Roger Moore James Bond movie and I just saw my mother-in-law a little while ago – a rather young-looking extra in the movie (funnily enough she just called from London to say happy birthday – it must be 3:00 am over there! What’s she doing up?). Of course the movie’s cheesy but that’s what makes it entertaining. But, I’ve got better things to do – sleep; as I’ve said, it’s an early morning tomorrow.

2 Responses to Fasting – Day 3 (and Birthday)

  1. jody says:

    happy bday!

  2. jennasuz says:

    Happy Birthday, does sound like you enjoyed a lovely day.

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