Fasting – Day 4

For the second time in as many weeks I’ve screwed up my 4:00 am practice by goofing up my alarm. Idiot. I set the alarm on my chronograph wristwatch and basically I had the small hand pointing to the wrong notch (five instead of four). I didn’t realise it right away. So I got to my mat and started my practice and then 40 minutes later, halfway through Mari A I glanced at my watch and did a double-take – “Does that really say 5:50 am?!” I got up and went into our bedroom to see that my wife was just about ready. So I ended my practice then and there, unceremoniously halfway through — without any of the closing poses. I didn’t even go back to roll up my mat. It’s still lying out on the floor upstairs.

What there was of my practice was good though – I was pleased to see that I was able to bind in Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana both ways. I’ve been able to bind my left limbs for ages, but I was only able to bind my right limbs for the first time in an evening practice just this week – rather suddenly; without any hint that it was imminent – I reached around my back with my right hand and to my surprise grabbed my right foot. I was please though that I repeated the feat this morning – it’s one thing to bind at 7:00 pm, it’s another thing entirely to do it at 5:30 am.

So no full practice for me today then. Oh well. Some practice is better than none. I do prefer to know up front that I don’t have the full 90 minutes though; that way I can purposefully choose my asanas and close properly with at least Sirsana and Savanasa. Unfortunately that didn’t happen this morning.

I continued the breaking of my fast today with fresh fruit. Tonight and tomorrow I can have salads. And tomorrow evening something more substantial – maybe some steamed vegetables with soba (buckwheat noodles). I have felt fantastic the last two days; as though I had just got back from a vacation. I’m not feeling jaded or tired anymore and I feel incredibly content. Somebody told me out of the blue that I looked good today. Radiant I think was the word they used. I blushed a bit as a guy would and I thought to myself ‘sure – for the past 4 days all I’ve drunk is purified and filtered well water and on the rare occasions that I have eaten – which is exactly twice – it’s all been fresh fruit. Of course I look great.

It could be the fast that has me feeling so good. But I’ve slept longer through the days of my fast – since I wasn’t eating supper I could go to bed anytime. One night I just went to bed early just so that I wouldn’t have to feel hungry. And the cooler weather has meant better quality of sleep as well.

Tomorrow I’m home working from home again and barring a catastrophe – a hurricane or something (which is highly unlikely in these parts) it’ll be a full 90 minutes.

I’m listening to The Stone Roses (not unheard of as they are my favourite) – Tears. What a song. How do some songs last the ages and sound as good to you as they did when you first heard them…despite having heard them a thousand times?

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