Fasting – Day 5 & 6

I’ve had a couple of great days of practices but inspite of still struggling with sloth. Both Friday and Saturday I really struggled to get onto the mat – pure laziness. This morning I even wandered around the mat for a few minutes doing everything I could to procastinate. Eventually I got onto the mat. Some of the subtle breakthroughs that I’ve registered this week were still there; I’m carrying a bit less baggage after the fast and it’s making it easier for me to get my head own – or at least that’s my theory. Hopefully some of the inches’ll stay off. Practicing daily should make that easier.

This has been my best fast. Generally, not eating is the easy bit. Breaking the fast is tough and often I haven’t broken it properly in the past. This time I’ve been solid; from Wednesday through to Yesterday all I had was fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Yesterday evening I had my first ‘cooked’ meal – plain warm soba noodles, steamed peas and a baked sweat potato. This morning I had fruit for breakfast and for lunch real cooked food – Khichri.

I can ease into my regular diet with tonight’s meal. This fast could change things for me. I was surprised that once I started eating again, I wasn’t craving at all seasoned food. I was pretty satisfied with eating simple or even raw food. When I cooked, only steamed or baked – and never seasoned my food even with just salt or pepper. I think I’m going to try to keep some room in my diet for more of this.

What else did I do today? I watched my daughter at swimming. Between asanas and football (playing not watching), I don’t usually make it in time for this lesson. I last saw her swim over a year ago and was amazed with her progress; she was still pretty apprehensive about being in the water back then, now she can swim the length of pool with one of those foam tubes – and she can swim a fair bit without them as well.

After coming home I took a nap. It was one of those nap-inducing Saturdays – dark with clouds and threatening rain. Apparently it rained a whole lot while I slept. It’s past 8 now and I haven’t done anything remotely resembling work today. I would have done the ironing but somebody tackled even that while I napped. Ah well…heh. After all the visitors we’ve had we’re just chilling this weekend.

2 Responses to Fasting – Day 5 & 6

  1. Susan says:

    You need salt. Sea salt.
    Especially if you have a vigorous(sweaty) ashtanga practice.

  2. Ash says:

    Salt eh? like in tablets or something or just in food?

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