Eating again

I’m eating regular food now; I was back to eating what everybody else was having Saturday night and it’s wonderful to savour the tastes. Having said that this afternoon I was craving the fresh fruit and salads that I enjoyed earlier in the week and so that’s what I took for lunch – greens, cucumber, carrots, radish from the garden and a fresh apple from the bunch we picked up last week at Chudleigh’s down the road. Tonight it’ll be a bit more decadent as we’re having the birthday cake we put off last week in a short while. (They’ve considered my new sensibility to eating right and it’s actually a fresh fruit flan). Although I only lost a couple of pounds I look incredibly lean after the fast – yesterday I got into a 30 waist pair of shorts I hadn’t worn in years.

It’s nice to get back into my normal routine; for example I strength-trained again today. But I’ve been a reluctant yogi the last couple of days; I’ve really had to battle the urge to skip – maybe the new moon’s coming in early for me. Today I got up at 6:00 am, but I lay in bed for half an hour before dragging myself to the mat. Once I start, I’m ok – I know I’ll carry through…and I did. I’ve seen subtle but real progress this week. Very close to binding Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana for the first time, whereas I was miles away just a couple of months ago. I’m delighted with the changes that I’ve seen over the last 4 months that I’ve been practicing daily – they’ve come so fast.

I’ve got an easy week ahead of me. I’m in the office for one more day and then on education Wednesday. I’ve got Thursday off, Friday’s a floater holiday (my company has these on long weekends to give us a 4-day weekend – nice eh?) and then Monday’s Labour day – so that means a 5-day weakend!

Executive Leadership Forum – that’s what the training’s called this Wednesday. It’s a chance to get away from the tactical day-to-day considerations of executing projects and spend some time talking about the firm, the business and strategy. It’s starts with cocktails and dinner at a country club tomorrow night. I’ve gotten a lot of this lately; last February I was sent down to Durham for a week on a leadership course with colleagues from across North America. That’s one great thing about working for a firm with global reach – the opportunity to meet and work with so many people from all over the place.

I use to have a bit of a hard time reconciling my practice with my career – you know, the notion that true yogis renounce the world to live in the forest living and live off berries between asanas. The Gita’s cleared me up on that but more on that some other time. I’ve got an early morning tomororw as I’m in the office tomorrow (before heading of for that Country Club) and that of course means a 4:00 am practice…if I set my alarm correctly.

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