It is just as well that today was a Moonday as I have been as lethargic as a sloth the past two days. Or do I have this backwards – I’m supposed to be feeling lethargic through a new moon right? I wonder if this is self-fulfilling; am I lethargic precisely because I know that I am supposed to be lethargic right about now? If I had forgotten that it was Moonday, or if I was entirely oblivious to Moondays, would I in fact feel energetic instead?

Anyway, there’s no denying that I’m experience a complete downturn in my energy levels since Friday. On Thursday night I went to bed (gleefully) at 9:00 pm! I felt I needed to catch up on sleep after a pretty exhausting week. I had planned to take Thursday off but the work had piled up and felt I needed to clear the backlog – particularly as I was heading into a 4-day weekend. So I went into the office and the traffic was brutal on the way home (4 trucks had an accident on the other side of the road and everybody on my side of the road felt that it was imperative that they slowdown and take in the mayhem). Well after getting into bed at 9:00 pm I got up Friday morning at 6:30 some 9 1/2 hours later. I had a pretty stiff practice. I spent the morning messing about and not doing anything in particular. I had a lunch of hot buckwheat noodles with Tahini sauce. After that I finally got around to showering. And then? Get this. I felt sleepy! After having slept some 9 1/2 hours the night before, I felt the need to follow lunch with a nap. So I napped. Later, feeling somewhat guilty, I did some lower-body strength training (and now I’m stiff from that today).

Today I had to force myself out of the house. Thankfully there was no practice this morning because I would’ve collapsed in a heap on the mat and fallen asleep. But we had to head to Square One; shopping for the new baby – onesies to bring her home in, a new car seat and such stuff. It was a real slog for me. I felt as though I was carrying 20lb weights around each of my stiff legs. When we got home I had to lie down. Pretty sad. This new moon is really hitting me hard.

Speaking of being hit hard. Can you believe the pictures from New Orleans? It is the total and utter breakdown of civil society right before our eyes and it is not a pretty sight. Good luck to them.

One Response to Lethargy

  1. ScottG says:

    Fellow Blogspot blogger,

    I just reached 1000 hits on my site. Sitemeter says the 1000 visit was from your url. I wanted to post a thank you on my site. Did you visit or did someone come to my site through yours? I’m still trying to figure out how to see which referring urls are real visits by real people. My blog is Ah, Shoot!

    Sorry to see your other commenter is a spam. I have had them too. Thinking of adding Haloscan comments to avoid them in future.

    Scott G

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