I’m watching football

No conflict this morning between the Arsenal game and practice – the game’s not on television until 12:30. It must be tape-delayed so the challenge is to keep myself from checking out the score online – which is particularly hard once I’m watching the game, getting tense and you want to put yourself out of the misery by geting the final score.

I was exhausted yesterday. I was due in the office for a 3-hour audit of my project. After that draining meeting I left the office at 5:00 pm and got home at past 8:00 pm – 3 hours in traffic! There was a bad accident on the 401 which closed 2 lanes and caused a 15 km traffic pile-up. Fortunately Neera was off and dinner was on the table. After dinner though, I sat with Dhara for a while and then the two of us crashed some time after nine. I used to get really angry and frustrated about being stuck in traffic – I’m not so bad now; it’s just another opportunity to practice equanimity and I try hard at it.

Having got to bed early, I woke up early. Really early in fact – some time after 3. I just lay in bed falling in and out of sleep and finally got up at 6:30 to practice. It was a fine practice made better by the sun breaking over the trees, through the window and onto me and my mat. My Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana was still there and better. I had another near breakthrough; this time in Yoga Mudra which I almost completely bound today – I’m surely just a couple of weeks away at most. I can bind one side or the other but today I came close to having both.

YESSS!!! I’m watching Manchester United play Manchester City. City just equalised. Brilliant!!! Now they need to survive 15 minutes. United are a title contender and them dropping points is good news for Arsenal. Good and bad in football is defined by how it impacts Arsenal. The City fans are singing their song: ‘Blue Moon, I saw you standing alone…’ and all the United fans have in response is meanspirited whistling to try drowning it out. I’ve tried to temper my hate for United understanding that hate is not a yogic emotion – and particularly in something so trival as sport…but it’s so hard becuase they’re such w*nkers.

Neera and my mum are going out by my daughter a new bed. I should go too but with the Arsenal game in 40 minutes, I’m not leaving the house.

ooohhh!!! City almost took all 3 points at the death with a fierce shot from Andy Cole forcing a fine save from Van Der Saar. And it ends 1-1. A poor game but the result’s a good one for my beloved Arsenal.

Some hours later: Arsenal lost 2:1. Unlucky – they dominated the game and the ref denied them a sure penalty when the score was at 1:0 – it would have tied things up. Instead Middlesborough went right up the other end and scored another. Oh well. Yet another opportunity to practice that mental asana: Equanimity.

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