late night late morning

I stayed up way late yesterday. We made Pizzas yesterday and I did well – keeping myself down to two slices, some coleslaw, and a single bottle of India Pale Ale (Alexander Keith’s). Then I felt like staying up and watching a couple of movies after Neera went to bed. I laughed through Hitch and then watched something completely different – Million Dollar Baby. What a film.

I finally turned in around 1:30 am and woke up at 6:30 (naturally) feeling a bit tired. I wondered how I managed to wake up; it wasn’t quite completely light outside and I was still tired…so why wasn’t I asleep? I shook Neera awake as she had a train to catch and then I lay in trying t0 fall asleep. Finally I got up sevenish and got on with my practice; It was a fine one. I started reading Moola Bandha yesterday and so this morning I was making a special effort at engaging the bandhas. All week I’ve felt those asanas that I do have deepen and those that I don’t bind or come close; this is morning was no exception. Yoga Mudra was even closer than yesterday to a full bind and this morning I came close to binding Mari C on the left (I’ve had the right side for ages).

I had to interrupt work to take my daughter for a 1 hour session at her Kindergarten. It doesn’t make sense to me. I had to drop her off at 1:20 pm and picked her up at 2:20 pm – what’s the point that? Supposedly it’s about introducing children back into school slowly. I worked from home today and had no conference calls scheduled in the afternoon so it was no problem for me but what about people who have to go in to the office? Maybe we’re the exception as a 2-career couple; Acton’s a rural town and there must be a lot homemakers for parents not to raise a stink.

If you read this blog regularly you know I’m a fanatic about practicing daily. But one of these days very soon I’ll miss a practice because I’ll be in the hospital doing my best to look useful. We’re in week 37 now so that means full terms and that means it could happen any day – and Neera’s still working this week (it’s her last). We did a tour of Milton Hospital yesterday but there’s always the chance she’ll be downtown when it happens. In fact, she called around 4 pm saying she was going down to a downtown hospital because she felt some pain on and off in the hips (kinda sound like contractions to me!) I wanted to jump into the car and drive downtown but I’ve been told to chill here until she calls back…it’s 6:30 pm now and still no call. I’m not freaking out. I’m even calm enough to write this blog…see? But I am getting anxious.

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