Another late night

Monday turned out to be a late night as well. I finally got a call from the hospital downtown and I drove down to see what was up. She had some pain on one side so they kept her for a several hours and did some ultrasounds to figure out what was up. They were inconclusive and we came home well past midnight. I was toast – so tired I went straight to bed without eating.

I crawled out of bed at 8:30 am with no chance of a practice before work; the day was busy. Neera stayed home because the pain, although it had subsided, was still there.

I did get back onto the mat today though and had a good practice; but I with stiffness from having missed practice yesterday (and maybe a bit of dehydration). Also, naturally, my mind was not entirely focused. I have taken most of the morning off to run Neera down to her gynecologist. We’ll see where things stand but I don’t think we have too long to wait now.

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