Pre-Moonday evening practice

Yesterday I was up at 4:00 am for an early morning practice before heading to the office. I dropped my wife off downtown right at the front door of her office – if she insisted on going to work I certainly wasn’t going to drop her off at the subway in her (8 1/2 months pregnant) state.

It was a short work day for me though because I was back in the city at noon, boarding a cruise ship at Queen’s Quay for a 5 hour cruise of Lake Ontario. We sailed through the Toronto islands and took in the views of the beautiful and ever-changing city. We were lucky with the weather though; either side of Thursday has been wet and cold but Thursday itself was a stunning day – hot with clear skies but not muggy and smoggy – an Ontario late summer classic. The cruise was a treat from work (2nd Quarter was good and 3rd is shaping up to be just as good) so 475 of us managed to drag ourselves away from our desks for one afternoon and enjoyed the beautiful day as well as the company, and food and beverage laid out for us – In the hot sun I stuck to Montclair; the funny thing about Montclair is that I might as well drink from my own well – the water is bottled a few kilometres up the road from our house and it comes from the same aquifer. Our water at home is beautiful as a result; none of us can drink water away from home – we carry bottles of our own wherever we go.

When I got off the boat, I still had some time to kill as Neera was staying a bit late wrapping up her last day at work, so I had a slow pint at a waterfront cafe with a couple of colleagues before meeting up with her for the trek home.

I slept some 10 hours last night. The sun on the boat must have exhausted me and it had been a long day. I skipped practice in the morning and got straight to work. It was late and I had decided on an evening practice before the pending moonday. I had that practice a couple of hour ago. Typical evening practice – flexible and light.

You know that phrase ‘One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure’? It applies to me when it comes to compost. Twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall, Halton Region do a compost giveaway at their Waste Management Facility and we bag several hundred pounds of the stuff for our yard. They get the compost from all the yard waste they pick up through the year and the maintenance of public green spaces and trees; so that’s what I’m doing on my moonday morning – I’m bagging compost.

I have two composters at home and we process all our kitchen scraps and yard waste through it – and we get plenty of that from our vegetable patch. Even confidential documents – old credit card statements and the like; I shred them and add them to our compost. In warm months it’s dirt in six weeks. We’ve never let organic waste leave our property – it all stays to supplement the land.

I’m a bit mad – I even bring my apple cores, banana peels and other stuff home from the office for our composter; and I’ve even thought about taking other peoples yard waste from their – especially leaves – and building a large enclosure at the back of our property to process it all. The stuff is gold. It’s the perfect fertilizer – organic and perfectly balanced.

The Region’s running a pilot ‘green-box’ program to pick up organic waste and I’ve got mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it’s great to divert all this from the landfills but on the other hand, why can’t people take care of it themselves? It shouldn’t need taxpayers money. It’s not like it costs anything – we got our composters for $15 each. And I save a bundle in wastes fees (we live in the sticks and I have to take my own garbage to the depot and pay to dump it) and the compost is great for our property. With their garbage as with so many other things people are lazy, stupid, thoughtless, inconsiderate and short-sighted.

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