Sleeping like a baby

…which is to say, hardly at all. Whoever came up with that phrase has a keen sense of irony. I don’t feel too tired though – I crawled out of our bedroom some time after two with my pillow and crashed out on the sofa. I’d had enough of staying up all night to provide moral support. Neera’s the one who has to feed so what’s the point of me staying up? It’s not like I can lend a hand (or anything else) in the feeding department. So I got sleep instead. But no asanas because I was just way too tired. It’s now five days without asanas; my longest break for a very long time. Let’s see if I can get a practice in tomorrow morning.

Those 5 days have also seen a general decline in habits. I’ve even drank coffee. I had maple walnut ice cream for lunch. At the hospital I twice made dinners out of large bags of Mrs Vickies potato chips. I’ve also developed a penchant for egg muffins and hashbrowns (those frozen rectangular patty ones) for breakfast – a fried egg, cheddar, a couple of slices of Yves’ veggie Canadian bacon in an english muffin, two of those hashbrowns with lashings of ketchup. I am light years away from sattva. I reckon it’s all the running around – I’m snatching at whatever yields the highest quantity of calories in the smallest packet…and I’m always hungry.

Our other daughter has been fantastic. You wouldn’t think that this child was saying goodbye to five years of exclusive attention getting. She has taken to her sister big style. I’m proud of her but not surprised; it’s true to form – she always been been a model child and she’s going to be a great example to the new kid.

Tomorrow I shall briefly escape domesticity – the Paul Weller concert. Becoming a Dad does put things into true perspective. If I hadn’t brought home a daughter this week I’d be hyperbolic about tomorrow – calling it one of the pivotal days of my life or something like that…when really it probably is not. Still, Weller is one the outstanding cultural icons of my life and tomorrow’s show will be right up there with seeing Arsenal at Highbury for (probably) the last time a year ago.

Well, this blog has been an indulgence for me tonight (but at least it’s one without trans fats). Thank you all for the kind wishes.

There’s nothing remotely like becoming a parent. It turns your world right side up.

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