The New Normal

The new normal in our household is a ruthless dictatorship run by a 6lb munchkin. It is an haphazard totalitarianism without schedules and it runs according to the whims of a little girl in a ‘onesy’.

I did escape her clutches briefly for the Paul Weller concert yesterday – battling traffic and the lashing rain to get downtown. I got there 15 minutes before the doors opened and the Modfather wasn’t due to play for another 1 1/2 hours. So at this general admission show (I don’t know why my ticket said ‘row 6 seat 20’) I parked myself front and centre. I worried a little that the crowd looked thin and wondered again why this genius is not granted the respect he’s due in North America. I needn’t have worried because by the time Weller took the stage, the place was jam (pun intended) packed. His fan base, in Toronto at least, is solid.

He came on looking, well, a bit camp actually – he had these casual brown trousers and comfortable looking black loafers with rubber moulded soles. On top he wore this cream-coloured long-sleeved T and around his neck he’d tied a chiffon scarf. But he wore it all well.

The show was outstanding of course. We should all be so lucky as to do whatever it is that we do with so much passion and commitment after so many years. He looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself. It was a long set and the energy was intense throughout and the camaraderie between the musicians genuine. Above all the man’s charisma was totally compelling.

I met some interesting folks. Among them a father (perhaps in his early 50s) originally from Boreham Wood in London (UK) and his son. The father recalled “I had him listen to a few tracks and he thought ‘what’s this Paul Weller crap’. Pretty soon he had the DVD nevermind all the CDs and he was well into it”. The Dad was once an Arsenal supporter but had lost track of their progress when he came to Canada 28 years ago. Now he’s a card-carrying citizen of what we in Toronto call ‘The Leaf Nation’. They took pictures at the show and I gave them my email address so if they ever get around to sending me any, I’ll be sure to post them on this blog.

Apart from that, Neera took our ‘Great and Beloved Leader’ to the pediatrician for a check-up. I had the show later so my Mother accompanied them in my stead while I took the opportunity to catch up on sleep. I did finally manage a practice earlier in the day; It was a tired affair with the vinyasas in particular out of form. But I wasn’t as stiff as I’d expected to be (perhaps because it was late morning and I’d been up for some time). Kurmasana was a bit painful but Supta Kurmasana was deep; I’m closer than ever to clinching that mythically shelled napper.

Today, there was no practice. I got home late from the show and was up all night listening to Diya. Tonight I will sleep soundly though and hope to practice in the morning (although I just noticed it’s past 2:00 am. Crap!); I took mother and child back to a hospital (this time one in Oakville since Milton’s cute little place doesn’t have the required facilities); Diya’s bloodwork showed some jaundice and they’re putting her under the lamp overnight. She’s looks perfect to me and I guess it’s precautionary – which I’m all in favour of. I should be picking them up tomorrow – hopefully after seeing Arsenal successfully take 3 points off West Ham. I better eat something and get some sleep.

One Response to The New Normal

  1. Susan says:

    The sweet baby days….
    Looking back you’ll see how easy they were.

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