New girl home again

I picked up Diya and Neera from the hospital today. Diya’s gaining weight and no wonder – she knows how to eat; the girl’s looking well. Even though I’ve been to the hospital everyday she suddenly looks so different from last Sunday when she was born. She’s alert, looks around the room and occasionally fixes her eyes right at you while you’re feeding her; I’m able to feed now as Neera’s expressing. So she’s getting more food at each sitting and consequently getting longer rests. She slept all afternoon.

Ever notice how you’re body waits until you’re free before getting sick? Like after a hectic 3 or 4 months at work, the project ends and you get a couple of days to catch your breath…except wham, all of a sudden you get the flu. It happens to me. Well, I’m not sick now but something similar’s happening. I’ve taken a couple of weeks off and all of a sudden stuff’s breaking down – the sink got’s clogged yesterday, the fridge water dispenser stopped working (and backs up to drip into the basement) a day before that, today the car’s brake sensors go on the blink and the ABS and Brake lights won’t go off. Last week was nuts with baby stuff. This week’s going to be as hectic with sorting all this out – and all the other chores I have lined up. I suppose it’s better that it happens now than while I’m working.

On the main subject. I practiced this morning. That’s two days in a row and I look to be getting back onto the wagon. My normal diet’s back – I found myself snacking on a plum and pear this afternoon (instead of bagels, cheese and chips).

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