Back on the wagon

Well, I’ve now practiced 4 days straight so I’m clearly back on the wagon. I’m wondering which asana I’m going to suss earlier – Garba Pindasana or Yoga Mudra – ooh I’m so close; Garba Pindasana I would probably have if I kept at it long enough; it’s just a matter of getting those arms through. I can only manage to get them a third of the way up my forearm (maybe too much strength training’s made my arms to big?) As for Yoga Mudra, with my left limbs bound I can just about brush the tips of my right toe with with my right hand.

I’ve been thinking more about making my Mysore pilgrimage; I think it’ll happen within the next two years. I’ve been introspecting on why I haven’t gone yet – I have the money and with planning time off won’t be an issue (with my job I can take a sabbatical of up to 6 months). I think I just want to get my asanas up to a certain level of competency. But there are all kinds of details to figure out. For example, do Neera and the girls come with me? The other option that’s recently occurred to me is that I could keep work remotely – after all, I work from home most of the time anyway. I’d need quality high-speed internet and telephony but that could be had I’m sure at the top hotels (which if I kept working, I’d have no problems affording).

As for taking my family, Neera is a massive non-practicer so unless she picks up the habit soon she’ll probably find 3 months in Mysore a bore. She’s has it on her agenda to begin Yoga some day; She knows she should – she’s not a skeptic. She’s sold on the practice…it’s just a matter of getting her to commit the time. I’m probably going to have to push her a bit if that’s going to happen. I figure now’s a good time for her to pick it up – she’s got a year off from work. Sure the baby will keep her busy, but surely she’ll find 90 minutes. Then again if we both went, that’s two salaries we need to manage without. I think what will end up happening is we’ll travel through India for a month together and then I’ll go on to Mysore while she comes home. We’ll see.

When I do go, I’ve the perfect way to take my money over though. ICICI Bank has registered a charter to operate in Canada. So I can go to one of their several branches here in Toronto, open a rupee chequing account and dump Canadian dollars into it. Then I go to India armed my ATM Card and extract Indian rupees out of the same account using their 1500 machines/branches throughout India. No travellers cheques or money orders. I just need to carry a couple of hundred onto the plane with me. Pretty slick eh?

What else did I yesterday. Well, the fridge is fixed, so is the car. The carbon filter for the HEPA filter is ordered, so is the one for the range top fan. The ones for the RO Filter I installed last week. So I’m getting through my chores.

I was up all night. Diya sleeps right through the day and is up all night; I was taking her on walks through the house at 3 in the morning. We took her to the paediatrician today – she’s gaining weight very quickly and looks wonderful.

I spent the rest of the day with my other daughter since it was a day off from Kindergarten for her. We went to the library, played in the yard, and then in the evening we made these makit&bakit necklaces. The stuff Dads do these days eh?

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