Happy Hour Again

I was just listening to that old song by the Housemartins, Happy Hour Again. Do you remember the video – they had animated clay figures of the band playing the song. Now I’m listening to Burning Bridges by the Mike Curb Congregation. If you ever saw the Movie Kelly’s Heroes, It’s the song for the credits at end….man I downloaded some obscure stuff in those freewheeling Napster days of the late 90’s.

Enough of that. I’ve had some kick-ass practices the last couple of days and I don’t know what to attribute this to. I am so so close to getting Yoga Mudra – I thought I had it today but it only just evaded me (now Hotel California). Situations like this make you realise that you are actually progressing daily; you can tangibly discern it in milimetres of distance or the strength of the touch. Otherwise the progress is like the hour hand of a clock; indiscernable (though inexorable).

I particularly enjoyed (My Sweet Lord) my practice this morning. I almost didn’t practice at all. With Diya getting up all night, we’re getting up well past the optimal practice time. I got up at 9:30 and thought, it’s too late, everybody’s up and there’s other stuff that I have planned to do. Then I decided I’d just do my Sun Salutations…of course, with nothing all that compelling on the agenda for the morning, I continued through the primary series all the way through. I felt great for having done it and felt as though I’d conquered that tamasic foe – Sloth (Peace Train – Cat Stevens).

Anyway, it’s a beautiful sunny day here and I’ve got some compost to spread on the lawn, an office to tidy up, daughters to play with, and maybe if I get my ass truly in gear, a bike to fix.

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