Thanksgiving has been my favourite holiday for some time. If probably goes back to undergrad when it provided a brief respite from the fall schedule. And it certainly has a lot to do with how beautiful Ontario is at this time of year. I bring to mind countless crisp sunny blue-sky days cycling through wooded avenues turned orange, yellow and red in London or Ottawa. Or hiking thorugh Gatineau (sure, technically Gatineau’s in Quebec). How stunning must Algonquin must be about now? And it’s just as good to stay inside eating, drinking and wearing warm things.

Thanksgiving’s spirituality hasn’t been compromised by the materialism that say Christmas has. And unlike that holiday nor is it overtly religious – it’s a holiday for all. We give stop and give thanks…to whomever it is we feel thankful to and for whatever we feel thankful for.

Anyway, it’s Thankgiving here in Canada so I raise a virtual cup of warm herbal tea your way and wish you well – may you have as much to give thanks for as I do.

As for practice…I feel creaky. The cold weather has come and I was stiff as board this morning. I had warmed up after Surya Namaskar, but there was no persipiration whatsover. Pretty soon I’ll be practicing in a sweatshirt). I was done hours ago but still feel stiff at the knees and in the back. (My daughter has just sat beside me wearing my sweater – she’s five so you can imagine what that looks like – and now she’s reading this blog. She asks me ‘You’re feeling creaky?’).

One Response to Thanksgiving

  1. rew says:

    happy thanksgiving!

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