Lino is coming

Miele that is, to Toronto, from Rome. I’ve signed up for 3 workshops that he’s doing the weekend of 4 November at – aren’t those guys on the website cool? I think so (though you’d never catch me doing that with another guy – leave alone put pictures on the world wide web). It’s just a bit too camp for my liking (not that there’s anything wrong with camp). Call me immature or underdeveloped but that’s just me. When I went to India I had hard time with the ‘guys holding hands thing’ – you’ll see what I mean when you get there. I’d meet up with a friend and he’d shake my hand…but then not let go and then maybe he’d even start slowly to swing his hand. It wasn’t a comfortable predicament for a 13-year old North Londoner. There you were looking like a pair of 4 year-old girls feeling right daft.

But back to Yoga. Admittedly the fact that I do Yoga at all would be considered effete by some guys. I don’t think of it as that – ok at 19 I might have offered a macho snicker at the idea -but not now. While classes up and down the country are dominated by women, that to my mind just makes it a pre-occupation with tremendous fringe benefits for guys (single, of course). It reminds me 0f when I went to Quebec on a 6-week French immersion course back in Uni. We were outnumbered 3 to 1 – this had much to recommend.

Well, that was a tangent wernit? Anyway I’m fortunate to work for an enlightened company – they’re paying for this workshop – we get $200.00/year for stuff like this – led exercise, courses, smoking cessation, weight loss etc. It just needs to be of a finite duration and led by a certified expert – and Lino’s certified by the big guy himself.

And what of the practice lately? A late night at a corporate event on Tuesday made it a 20-hour day (I’d gotten up at 4:00 am that morning to practice). This made practice a non-starter on Wednesday (admittedly the 4 Heinekens didn’t help either). In anycase, I needed to be ‘up and at’ my work before 8:00 am so practice was never in the cards. However I made up for it this morning with a fine job on the mat (and so my practice streak is now 1 again). It’s not quite a breakthrough but Kurmasana was good today; my legs are close to sitting straight on my shoulders – and I think I even managed to lift my right foot off the ground momentarily.

What else? My wife and I had the ‘Mysore’ discussion this weekend. Basically it’s now on the agenda and I’m now planning to go in the near term. More on that tomorrow.

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