Mysore…as in…me in.

The long hours, late nights and early mornings caught up with me this morning; I got up for the 4:00 am alarm, turned it off and was too tired – it was the easiest and most obvious decision to make. I slept until 8:30 at which time I decided to shower and get to my desk – that made 9 hours of sleep. I must have really needed it because I usually can’t sleep more than 6.

In a way, I’m glad I missed practice. I’ve been too obsessive. It would do me some good to skip every now and again. I’m even considering putting in a rest day and going to six days a week. The law of diminishing returns surely applies to asanas as much as anything else and I sometimes wonder if practicing everyday is too much. Anybody know? Am I supposed to skip a day? They do in Mysore after all.

Speaking of Mysore. Yes. It’s true what I said yesterday. I am now planning to go. This depends on what the schedule for the Shala is next winter (i.e. 2006/2007). I’m looking at a two month visit over Christmas – December and January. By straddling my visit that way I can use two years of vacation back-to-back requiring me to take only maybe another two or three weeks of unpaid leave. Getting the time off shouldn’t be an issue; provided I give enough notice I should be able to manage my engagements.

I decided on this last weekend. We had Thanksgiving and for once, we were neither visiting or having visitors over the long weekend. Nor were we busy about the house. So I spent the time thinking hard and reading – mostly about the practice. I delved into Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali again. I also got into some of what my fellow bloggers were writing (by the way, I found this current Mysore blogger that isn’t on And then I read Yoga Mala and thought about Guruji. That’s when I knew that if I didn’t go as soon as possible, that I might live to regret it later.

Then I raised the idea with Neera. Predictably her response was ‘Yeah, go for it. You have to do this’. We’ve talked before about the idea of us all going when the girls are older. But I know now that I can’t wait that long and Neera doesn’t practice (at least yet). Who knows? Maybe we’ll go again when the girls are older and when Neera is practicing. But I need to do this now – even if it means doing it alone. Maybe I’ll ask my brother if he wants to come; I did my first asanas longer after he did his, borrowing an earlier edition of this from him. But his approach is still ‘on and off’ and I think I’ve passed him somewhat. Besides when I’ve broached the subject, he’s mentioned that he wants to get his asanas to a certain level of competence before going.

So now comes the excitement of thinking and planning for the coming pilgrimage. I’ve at least given myself enough time eh? Where do I start? I guess the ezboard. Does anyone know what the Shala’s schedule is next winter? 😉

One Response to Mysore…as in…me in.

  1. boodiba says:

    I believe they’re closed March & April… Re: the 6 days a week… I think that some of us are better w/ 2-3 & cross training! I used to practice @ Crunch 2-3 days a week. One of the teachers there, Amy, is Jois blessed. When I told her I’d be away for awhile to do a certification, she said, “You’ll have to stop daily practice.” I’ve tried to do 5 days a week, but I end up getting tighter & off balance, whereas when I do my own yoga, I tend to make progress! To each their own. Think you are wise to listen to your body.

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