13 Months to Mysore

There’s a lot to be said for starting one’s planning early…but this borders on the ridiculous. It comes from anticipation and excitement more than anything else. I guess my first job is to get my passport(s) renewed – the Canadian expired in 2001(!) and the British will expire this April – I may need these anyway (since the Americans may be asking for passports at the border starting next year and I sometimes need to travel there for work) so this gives me reason to get on with this.

It occurs to me that there a couple of ways I can do this trip – use my vacation or keep working – or do both and stay longer (although I can’t see myself being able to bear anymore than two months away from my family). But I already work from home 80% of the time so if I can find a top-end apartment with reliable highspeed 24/7 internet access and telephony I could conceivably work while I practice at AYRI – I figure I could even work a few of those ‘real time’ – say 6-10 pm Indian time. But it’s too far off to think about right now as I don’t know what kind of engagement I’ll be working on then.

I also did the math last night; I reckon CDN $5,000 will cover me for 2 months – the flight, fees, rent, food and incidentals like a scooter and miscellaneous travel…and it still leaves a grand as contingency.

As for my practice in the present; I’ve had two good days. Yesterday was an early start as I promised to take our 5 year-old to the zoo. We had good weather and the walking was a good workout; the Rouge Valley in which the zoo is located was decked out in stunning fall colours. For some reason the animals she wanted to see most were vultures, snakes and crocodiles. She saw plenty of the last two…but not the vultures). When we visited the ostriches she asked me why they weren’t running (I guess all those cartoons and nature shows have her thinking they constantly motor about at 80 km/hr). We both found the llamas hilarious – they weren’t doing much…just the look they have on their faces made us laugh. The mara and the golden lion tamarin take the prizes in the ‘cute’ category.

But back to the asanas – Yoga Mudra I almost have now. I can grab both toes but lose the grip on my right as I bend forward. Apart from that nothing else to report – although I’m doing a better job of holding my bandhas these past few weeks, having made a concerted effort to focus on that aspect of my practice. As much as I’ve enjoyed my practices these last couple of days, moonday comes at the right time as I need to go into the office tomorrow; it’s a busy week ahead as we start UAT and prepare for going into Production next weekend.

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