Derby Day

I realise now what last week had been all about. I was detoxing. Slowly after the excitement of Diya’s birth, normalcy was returning and my usual lifestyle and diet was beginning to reassert itself.

I’ve had a good week. Busy at work and I almost clocked 60 hours. But my practice took it in stride – my asanas were better and I even managed to get in some reading. I bought a digital copy of the Mahabharata at Amazon last week. (Don’t you just love technology? $1.99 for an 400 page ancient classic – available immediately. No shipping. No driving to bookstore.) It’s a very early translation that is true to the sanskrit original – neither abridged nor embellished. There’s no attempt to make the document more ‘accessible’. It’s like the translators said, “here it is, take it or leave it.” The result makes for surprisingly compelling reading.

The first few pages are admittedly tedious; one section just offers paragraph after paragraph of names – a list of ancient names of those who fought at Kurukshetra. And in another section the entire story is given away and completely foretold. A western reader might be dismayed and taken aback, but fate and inevitability are constant themes in Hindu mythology and nobody should ever have any doubt as to who wins in an Indian struggle of good over evil. So what if you know how it’s going to end? Was there any other way for it to end?

I was up at 6 this morning (early for a Saturday). The North London Derby was on at 8 and I wasn’t going to miss it for anything. The result was a 1-1 draw and in the circumstances, I was pleased. Spurs are off to their best start in a decade and we (Arsenal) are having our worst – and they still couldn’t beat us on their patch. A decent, if not perfect start to a beautiful Saturday morning – you should see the stunning day we’re having.

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