Happy Diwali!

I never got the point of daylight savings time – sure the ‘extra’ light’s welcome in the morning…but I need it at night too. This morning though, I saw the point because at 6:30, for the first time in some weeks, I was indeed offering salutations to the sun in it’s presence as the day was breaking.

Yesterday however, I had skipped. We were up late overreating at relatives and I had work early Sunday – we were deploying some big fixes into Production ahead of our go-live tomorrow.

I had hoped to practice later in the day, but friends made an unexpected (but welcome) visit to see our new daughter. And then we had pumpkins to carve in the evening; we carved two – both of which, for the first time, we had grown ourselves. We just lit them a couple of hours ago (pictured left). The girls are all dressed; one daughter is dressed, like pretty much every other five year-old girl on the continent, as one of the half dozen ‘Disney Princesses’. The other is dressed, or rather, has been dressed, as a clown.

We decorate for Halloween extensively – more for the fun that it brings our daughter than anything else since we don’t have too many visitors; we live in the remote countryside on a street of 13 homes. We know all our neighbours well and several of us have children about the same age who have grown up together in the 5 years since the homes were built. We all go out ‘Trick or Treating’ together – visiting only the 13 houses on our street and then ending the night at one of our homes with the kids playing together while we have a drink or two. Tonight we’re starting the night with a few drinks as well – at our place. A good thing tomorrow’s a Moonday.

On this particular Halloween, the home is lit up more than usual as it’s Diwali. So let me end by wishing you Salmubarak – A Happy New Year! May the new year bring you contentment, prosperity and that illusive asana you’re struggling with. Oh to have been in India tonight!

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