Lino’s Workshop – Day 1

I have been badly out of form the last couple of weeks – on and off the mat. I feel tired and jaded. On the mat that has expressed itself in a practice that’s stiff, lazy and distracted. So this workshop with Lino has come at a good time.

When I signed for it, I failed to realise that doing both the Friday and Saturday workshops would mean two practices barely 13 hours apart, but they’ve been booked and paid for therefore doing them both.

I’m about to set off for the workshop in 20 minutes or so. Here is my encapsulated thought on last night though: “WTF have I been doing all these months?!”. I was absolutely exhausted at the end, my shirt was soaked in sweat which also poured incessantly in stinging streams into my eyes. It’s not news to me that there is a difference between my practice at home versus in a studio. I last practiced in a group about a year ago with Darby and noticed it then, but it still came as a rude shock last night. And we weren’t even going through non-stop! We only did 3 Surya As and B, we only did 3 Navasanas and he kept stopping to provide us guidance and correction – yet I was so completely spent at the end that I had to rest for half an hour before driving home.

That said, it was phenomenal. My apathetic asanas of the past fortnight were forgotten and I had a excellent, enlightening time on the mat. It was my first evening practice in months, and with a certified teacher I was bound to take it up a notch or two, still I surprised myself – for example, by binding Mari C part 2 effortlessly, by interlocking my fingers behind my feet in seated poses, by finding my nose tucked in neatly between my knees in forward bends, by thrice executing fine chakrasanas

I noticed more mundane things as well. It never ceases to amaze me that asanas I can do easily are so much trouble for people who can do other asanas than I find impossible. It’s odd that we are so different in our strengths and limitations after so much practice. How is it that people who can do Mari D perfectly struggle with the seemingly easy Baddha Konasana or Pindasana or Sirsana?

The wood floor was tough as well. Usually my mat/rug combo are there to provide firmness under me, but last night they were provided a cushion against that unforgivingly hard surface.

As for Lino, he was typically Roman – expressive and funny but still, paradoxically, very serious.

2 Responses to Lino’s Workshop – Day 1

  1. Vanessa says:

    Seemingly easy Baddha K? Dude, you are out of your mind 🙂 Give me Marichi D any time.

  2. Ash says:

    Heh, I read about your recent tribulations with Baddha K Vanessa – for me I gotta say it’s (relatively speaking) a piece of cake. Mari D on the other hand will take me two lifetimes.

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