Lino’s Workshop – Day 2

Driving through Toronto’s a lot easier at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning. Yesterday I worked from home and driving into town (on a Friday at 4:00 pm) for the workshop was an effing pain. I took a couple of wrong turns but somehow I still managed to get there 15 minutes early. Even so I had to settle for rolling my gear out in a corner, quite far from Lino. Tina – Lino’s partner was walking around making adjustments.

Today I got a spot right in front of Lino. Practice felt easier today and I was glad that yesterday’s exertions hadn’t left me too sore – some ‘sweet pain’ in the back and hips. Any more than that and I would have been seriously disappointed after some seven months of daily practice.

Lino’s himself, is a pretty hilarious. Every so often, he stop us after an asana and tested us; ‘How many vinyasas in that Asana?’; or ‘Which is the vinyasa of the asana?’ Sometimes we understood the question but didn’t know the answer…and sometimes we just didn’t understand the question. He has brought a few copy of the book he wrote under Guruji’s guidance – there were only two left today and I asked him if he’d save me a copy since I didn’t have enough cash on me (and I figured he wasn’t taking Mastercard). He obliged.

Guruji, he laughed, called the book an Ashtanga ‘dictionary’ because it catalogues the asanas systematically and breaks them down by vinyasas. Lino was proud that Guruji thought enough of the book to offer it in the AYRI bookstore. He joked that people ‘accused’ him of being the author, but he doesn’t take credit; according to him he just took notes while Guruji spoke. He said that at the time, he didn’t really understand what Guruji was telling him, he just listened, nodded and wrote.

Somebody cheekily asked him whether Guruji spoke in Italian or whether He spoke in English when they were doing the book. He replied that they understood each other fine because they spoke the same language – ‘broken English’.

As for the practice, Lino adjusted me just once – Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand); pressing my elbows in with his feet and straightening my trunk and legs – I guess I must’ve been getting a bit lazy. Tina came by a bit later and sorted me out in Karnapidasana as well – interlocking my fingers (all I knew about that pose I got from Swenson’s book – and I did as he apparently instructs and keep my hand palms down flat).

Tomorrow’s the last day – I’ve got a Mysore practice…believe it or not, it’s my first ever with a certified instructor.

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