Lino’s Workshop – Day 3…or how I got Mari D!

Last night I remarked that I wouldn’t get Mari D in two lifetimes. It wasn’t a throwaway comment either. I believed it. But I feel daft now because I bound it on both sides this morning at the workshop – it took some firm but gentle adjustment from Tina …but still, I thought it was beyond me forever…with or without adjustment. I was just gobsmacked when it happened – and I’m still a bit taken a back it. There was one other improvement that I’d normally be screaming about but in comparison to ‘getting Mari D’ it barely merits a mention – I lifted my legs off the ground in Kurmasana; the hard floor probably gave me the leverage to do it. I’m definitely practicing on a hard surface from now on.

Today was day 3 of the workshops with Lino. I have to say that the whole thing has woken me up – it’s changed my notion of what my practice ought to be and could be. Friday was great and each subsequent workshop yielded new things that have improved my practice enormously. I understand now that supplementing my home practice with shala time is no longer just an option.

It was a Mysore practice today – my first with a certified teacher. But even though I was moving at my own pace, it was just as intense as the previous two workshops; I was just as soaked and fatigued afterwards – so there’s no apparent reason why I shouldn’t be able to carry this intensity home with me. I just need to be vigilant of the creeping sloth.

Before the practice began, I bought the book I had Lino lay away for me yesterday. I told him he ‘must’ to sign it and he kindly obliged – but his inscription is doubly unreadable since, firstly it’s in Italian…and secondly, I’m guessing even an italian might have trouble reading his penmanship – but it looks cool and elegant nonetheless. The book itself is a beautiful addition to my yoga library – in both form and substance. After practice I thank Lino and Tina and told Lino that he had to come back to Toronto soon. He replied with mock seriousness ‘No you must move [to Rome]!’

3 Responses to Lino’s Workshop – Day 3…or how I got Mari D!

  1. Sammy says:

    Did Lino do full Vinyasas or the more common half Vinyasas?

    I heard he usually does full.


  2. Ash says:

    Friday and Saturday he did the half. On Sunday, a few hours after the Mysore, he was doing led workshop of the full vinyasa

  3. Jenna says:

    I’m attending a workshop with him on Sunday in Mountainview, the full vinyasa workshop.

    I had the funniest dream last night that I slept through it and completely missed it. I guess I’m harboring some anxiety, as it will be my first experience with a certified teacher as well.

    Congrats on Mari D, that’s HUGE!

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