Back to the home practice

Last weekend was perfect – my best time in ages. Apart from the workshops, we had family visiting from New Jersey and for the whole weekend the house felt like a bustling B&B – there were 12 of us altogether and plenty of energy, fun, food and drink.

The football was grand as well. Arsenal looked classy beating Sunderland on Saturday – it looks as though they’re finally back in form. And then on Sunday, Manchester United beat Chelsea in one of the best games that I’ve watched as a neutral in many years. Chelsea’s loss 0pens up the race a little. Just as importantly, They were 40 games unbeaten – getting close to Arsenal’s record of 49 games which is now safe again. Nor, obviously, will they go undefeated the entire 38 game season this year – as Arsenal did in 2003/2004 and in the process earning themselves the sobriquet ‘Invincibles’ – the only team to have ever achieved the feat.

As for the week that followed. It’s a time of transition at work. My latest project is ending with the application seemingly stable in Production. The hard work is done and it’s cruise control until Christmas. I spent much of the week completing ‘End of Job’ evaluations for my architect, BAs and developers. I plan to take some time off and squeeze in some education.

Back at home on the mat, with all the rooms taken up with our guests, I didn’t get back to practice until Wednesday. When I did get onto the mat, it was strange – almost as though I had never been to the workshops at all. Gone was the sweat and the intensity. Out of habit, I suppose, I practiced in my usual spot – the ‘bonus room’ and I realise now the soft carpet under my mat and rug soaks up too much of the energy. It’s the ‘bounce’ of a wooden surface reacting to and resisting my vinyasas that I’m hypothesizing makes it the harder practice. Starting tomorrow I’m going to practice on the hard maple flooring of our living room – which for now is bare and perfect to practice on (providing I get up early enough to avoid the household bustle).

My planned Mysore trip came a step nearer this month as I broached the subject with my manager. In truth she was quite taken with the idea and seemed genuinely fascinated and encouraging about it. We considered my options; probably I’ll tack my vacations for 2006 and 2007 together and take another 2 or 3 weeks off unpaid. That will give me the two-three months I’m looking for. At this point I can’t afford to take the 6 month unpaid leave of absence that my company allows – one day I will though.

On the subject of going to India, I’m driving my Mum and Dad to YYZ in about 5 hours. Alitalia takes them to Mumbai and beyond via Milan for a 5-month odyssey.

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