Brew Moon

I took the day off work as I had to take Dhara, my 5 year-old daughter to Sick Kids Hospital downtown. It’s an annual ritual for us. Mine today as my wife was housebound with our baby girl. We made it a fun time in spite of the rain that has come lashing down all day. Doing crafts together at the Hospital’s excellent facilities, having a leisurely lunch in between her appointments – today was her special day and I wasn’t enforcing any rules; we had her favourites – French Fries, Ketchup (in my daughter’s hands it is no longer merely a condiment), Mango Juice and a Tim Horton’s Donut with Sprinkles on top.

When my wife was 27 weeks pregnant with Dhara, a routine ultrasound revealed that one kidney had ballooned – it wasn’t functioning (or at least draining). They had to operate on her in utero. One evening in November 1999 I saw something akin to a miracle at Mount Sinai Hospital downtown Toronto as a Doctor, using the ultrasound as his only guide drained that left kidney. I saw it shrink in grainy black and white as he pulled syringe upon syringe of fluid. All the time we knew that there was a chance that this would induce labour – obviously not something one cares for at 27 weeks. But we had no choice. We just bore witness and prayed. This is why we come to the hospital – to keep tabs on that left kidney.

Fast forward to November 2005. She’s five now. She has two kidneys – one works and the other does not (and happily, one is usually all you ever really need). She’s perfectly healthy and normal (normal that is apart from her precocity – yeah I know I’m her Dad but really she’s a spark). I give thanks every time I look into her big brown eyes.

No Asanas today as it’s moonday and I’ve carried a migraine with me since I woke up. I got fed up with these headaches and started to keep a log to suss out the cause; I’ve had two since I started keeping it. Both on a full moon. The only other commonality was the beer I had the night before – just one bottle of Upper Canada Lager – it’s a quality premium beer (now) made by Sleemans. I tried it at a neighbour’s a couple of months ago for the first time in years and enjoyed it so much I bought some the next time I was at the LCBO (I don’t recall if I suffered a headache that time). So, something in the brew? Or something in the moon? Or maybe both – a case of Brew Moon if you will.

2 Responses to Brew Moon

  1. samasthiti says:

    Beautiful story….Sigh.

  2. rew says:

    what a special child.

    thank you for sharing.

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