Curing AIDS on your Herbal Tea Break

Yes. That’s right. You can help to cure AIDS on your herbal tea break – and the beauty of it is, the longer your break the more you will have helped. Check it out at World Community Grid where in a somewhat Yogic manner, many become one.

Today I am feeling fine. I feel only a bit of discomfort where the missing tooth once was (particularly when I swallow). On the serendipitous side, this whole tooth business has lead me to rediscover oatmeal – try this: combine 1/3 cup rolled oats, 2/3 cup water and a dash of salt. Microwave on ‘Medium’ for 4 minutes, stopping to stir halfway (make sure your bowl is big enough to keep the oatmeal from boiling over). When done, add a large dollop of apple sauce, a tablespoon of brown sugar (or artificial sweetener – but you’ve done 90 minutes of asanas so you actually deserve brown sugar), a couple of tablespoons of sliced almonds, and a small handful of raisins. It’s really good (particularly early on a November morning anywhere in Canada). And it’s sattvic to boot.

My condition, having improved overnight, did not get in the way of my asanas this morning at all. I was up at 6 and practicing at 6:30. I’ve been regular as ever in my asanas but it’s been a few days since I last got into some Yoga reading – maybe I’ll spend the evening reading Iyengar tonight – what a contribution he has made to bringing us the other 7 limbs of Ashtanga. Yes. Ashtanga Yoga – because all yoga is really Ashtanga Yoga.

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