Pain in the Mouth

Saturday I practiced on our hardwood floor and enjoyed a better practice for it. In particular I noticed how much easier it is to execute jump throughs on a hard floor (which seems obvious now). Today I was back on the carpet upstairs behind closed doors as I was starting practice later (6:30 am). But the jump throughs were still good.

Afterwards, I showered and dressed for an 8:30 Dental appointment – a routine checkup/cleaning followed by the not-so-routine extraction of a wisdom tooth. Dr Chan said it wouldn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. The lying bastard. Worst of all was the ‘pulling’ sensation – I could hear it in my mouth; it sounded like the cracking, creaking sound of a falling tree.

There’s not much pain in my life. Physical or otherwise. I live a charmed existence. My life could be used as a story line in Bollywood movie because nobody would believe it. So when sharp pain comes, it feels unusual. Not so much unwanted or difficult (although obviously I like everyone else would sooner not have to deal with it) but more like out of place. It’s almost a novelty. A splash of ice water or a smack in the face to shake me temporarily out of my seemingly choreographed story and bring me back into the harsh realities of everybody else’s world.

Gamely I worked through the day and after waiting for my five-year old to get home from school, and my wife to come home from the grocery shopping (sometime around 6), I crashed until 10 or 11- I had a strange dream that, for once I recall, although somewhat patchily. I was pushing a car with two other people – strangers, a man and a woman – I suppose it had broken down. Anyway, we got to wherever it was we were supposed to get to and then I puked the soup I had for lunch (I had vegetable soup for lunch but the puking was only in the dream). I got up to find myself dropping bloody spit onto my pillow.

I was begin to hurt again and I felt hungry (the psychological effects of my dream-puke perhaps). I had a grilled cheese and a bowl of Heinz CoTS – trying to work it through the good side of my mouth. It’ll be interesting to see if I manage a practice tomorrow morning.

4 Responses to Pain in the Mouth

  1. Andrea says:

    Be careful. When I had my emergency wisdom tooth extraction I was warned to keep my head elevated and not do anything forward bending. Those kinds of actions are what can cause the blood clot to get dislodged and then cause that special and incredibly painful thing called “dry socket.” I hope you’re feeling better soon. I don’t know if you’re taking pain meds, but the big tip the pharmacist gave me was to take Advil along with the T3s, because ibuprofen has more anti-inflammatory properties, and a lot of the pain/discomfort is caused by the swelling.


  2. Tiffersll says:

    Oh gosh, my wisdom teeth experience was anything but pleasant. I looked like a lop-sided chipmunk. In regards to practicing on wood floor…I tried that at my gym, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Did you notice any pain in your wrists? My wrists go through phases, they’re kinda sore today. I’ve also tried practicing on our tile floor…don’t recommend that, it’s really hard.

  3. Ash says:

    Cheers. I feel better today. My practice didn’t seem to affect my ‘pain in the mouth’ or vice versa. I took a couple of regular Tylenols right afterwards before the freezing wore off on the Dentists advice.

    Andrea do you go to Western? I did my undergrad there. Saw you last blog – congrats on your internship (CBC downtown is pretty close to Downward Dog on Queen – but you probably knew that).

    My wrists are ok on our woodfloor – it has some spring which helps. I haven’t had any wrist pain from asanas in years. First 6 months or so I had pain in my knees and wrists but none in ages. I find firmness in the floor helps me execute asanas better – particularly Kurmasana.

  4. Andrea says:

    Yeah, I’m doing my M.A. here at UWO, did my undergrad at McGill.

    I’m SO excited that I’m going to be close to Downward Dog, Yoga Sanctuary and the Ashtanga Yoga Shala…I don’t even know where to start!

    Glad that your mouth is feeling better.


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