All I want for Christmas…

is a Liberal majority. But more on that later.

For now though, consider the thought that life’s a lot like football; your ability to execute with quality waxes and wanes for reasons too subtle to understand. There are times when all you touch turns to gold; it doesn’t matter if you catch a cold, or if you have a hangover, or if you didn’t get enough sleep, or you’re eating crap – none of these things keep you from navigating through life (or a game) with aplomb. Then there are other times when it all goes pear-shaped for days on end with no apparent reason – inspite of you doing your level best to put in a top class performance.

Well, I can feel myself coming out of a trough right now. At work, the prospect of a downhill cruise to Christmas is a distant memory as I’ve picked up new responsibilities – the workload’s heavy but I’m enjoying the challenges of these new projects with their different applications and customers. I feel as though I’m oozing confidence and quality again.

In keeping with this, 0n the mat I came off a two-day hiatus (induced by hectic social agenda) to enjoy a fine 90 minutes of asanas this morning. We’ve enjoyed a warm break in the weather during the last day or so and this certainly helped.

I haven’t enjoyed any breakthroughs in my asanas for some time – except maybe one – my jump-throughs look good; my legs come cleanly through between my arms without touching the mat, and into a straight-legged sit. Sure, my legs are crossed going through and it’s all premised on a low profile (like a cat readying itself to pounce). I’m not sure if it’s legit and it’s certainly not the ‘crazy-ass’ jump through a la Swenson, but it’s still pretty good.

In other news we’re getting ready to vote in Canada as the opposition brought down the Government last night in a confidence vote. The first time it’s happened in 29 years. I used to be a political hack in my undergrad years – a Vice President of the University’s Liberal Party Club. I majored Political Science and History and was passionate about the issues. I once even debated Senate reform with the current Prime Minister – while we campaigned together on his first (and unsuccessful) run for the Party’s leadership in 1990. When the Grits crushed the Tories in the 1993 election he was the automatic choice for the Finance portfolio and the country’s enjoyed prosperity largely due to his leadership in the file.

Over time I’ve become cynical and disinterested. But the prospect of losing what we’ve gained over the decade has shaken me out of complacency. To me the choice is clear and obvious. The lowest unemployment in 30 years, 8 straight years of budget surpluses, 60 billion in debt paid down, a strong dollar, a strong economy and low interest rates. We are not in Iraq nor will we ever be. Instead we are now one of the handful of countries that allows people to live and love on their own terms. We’ve chosen a different path to that of our neighbour and long may it continue. I’m voting Liberal. I may even get out onto the hustings because Paul Martin deserves to lead this country.

2 Responses to All I want for Christmas…

  1. Andrea says:

    I’m with you on wanting a Liberal majority, but I see another Liberal minority in our future. Sometimes minority governments are good, they force parties to actually compromise and get stuff done. Not this time around though, eh? I’m SO sick of Harper complaining about the Liberals not getting anything done, while all the while he foils every single attempt they make at passing useful legislation.
    Stephen Harper makes me very angry!


  2. Sammy says:


    I saw Sharath’s jump-through on video, and it doesn’t look like Swenson’s or John Scott’s.

    He had a low profile and his legs were crossed.

    I happen to take comfort in that since mine is not done with straight legs either.

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