Lead us not into temptation but deliver us…

from that big bag of Doritos.

On my way back from the office Thursday night I stopped for a few groceries – soya milk, dried figs, bran flakes, apples, whole wheat rolls were on that list. I felt peckish and I knew I had at least another hour and a half on the road, so to that list I added the aforementioned bag of cheese nachos. I got in the car and before joining that majestic 16-lane stream of red and white called the 401, I opened it up. I had finished most of it by the time I got home. The sad thing is I still had two bowls of vegetarian chili and two pieces of garlic bread when I got home. I just can’t stop eating right now. Must be the sub-zero weather.

The past week was a hard one on my Yoga. Apart from the nacho breakdown, on the asanas front I only managed 3 practices; granted we had a moonday, but that still means I skipped three days. Not that bad I hear you say, but what is more disconcerting was one of those days (Friday), I failed to practice because I pretty much ‘didn’t feel like it’; I was up in time but I felt sleepy and tired and had work on my mind. And, as usual, it was cold. So I just crawled right back into bed for 30 more minutes before getting up and making an early start on work.

Work and family life are my general excuses for my negligence of the last week but of course, they aren’t valid ones. I still haven’t got to the point where I will consistently do at least some practice when I don’t have time for a full one. My attitude is still ‘all or nothing’. I back this position up with the argument that my real problem is that I can’t find at least 90 minutes in a day for my asanas and that’s the issue I need to deal with. If I settle every now and then for some condensed or abridged version of my practice, then that’ll be the thin end of the wedge and pretty soon I’ll be using all kinds of excuses (like my job) to do a short practice all or most of the time. So for now, my target is 90 minutes every day. I need to make the rest of my day accomodate this – that means proper food and adequate sleep.

Besides the lack of asanas there was also precious little study – actually none.

Anyway I ended the week well with a good early practice on Saturday. And I’ve started the new week with a fine practice and a genuine breakthrough – Yoga Mudra. It’s been a long long time coming. It bodes well for the week ahead.

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