A Rough Start

I was reluctant to see the back of 2005 – a stellar year for me at every level. I have to wonder what 2006 holds in store…because it’s off to a bit of a rough start; late nights on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (4:00 am on both nights) have resulted in late mornings and tiredness, which in turn have kept me from my asanas – I have yet to hit the mat in 2006. And of course because of these late nights my routine’s messed way up – last night of I couldn’t get to sleep. Insomnia’s a novelty for me – something that I experience maybe once every 6 months and which normally involves taking 10 minutes to fall asleep instead of the usual 1 or 2. But yesterday I finally fell asleep around 3:30. My alarm was supposed to go off at 4:00 am for my asanas (and I suppose it must have), but of course in my state I slept straight through it. The baby’s wailing served as a backup wake up call around 6:30 – so no asanas again this morning (that’s 3 days straight now) as I needed to get into the office. Having made it across town in one piece I conspired to screw up parking the car, scraping into a concrete column in the parking garage as I made a routine turn into a space. I had scraped a big dent into the door. Nice.

The rest of my day has been in much the same vein – inept. Fortunately things are still a bit quiet for a couple more days. I just hope my ineptitude does not rub off on my favourite team as they have a big game tonight. As for myself, I’d like a ‘do-over’ – rewind back to 1 January and start again.

The holidays were good though. But exhausting. I’m the sort who needs to cram activity into any spare time that comes up. So a vacation from work is an opportunity to put up new light fixtures, painting the family room and my daughter’s bedroom and start a new indoor garden (producing 2 lbs of fresh produce every week with my new automatic sprouter) – in between all the socializing. Still, I did take the time to kick back and watch some football, take in a few DVDs, and enjoy some ‘new’ additions to my CD collection (new in exclamation marks because the albums I got were – Forever Changes, Astral Weeks, and Led Zeppelin I). I was also on the mat most days – excluding my recent truancy. Between the socializing and the 3-month olds tendency to get up every three hours I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked though and I feel a bit tired.

For 2006 I have no new resolutions except to ‘stay the course’…get some sleep and back onto the mat asap.

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