Into Love

Well I’m back to the mat – Friday was rough after six days off but this morning was much better. Nothing to report in breakthroughs lately except I have the very real feeling that my poses are getting deeper and deeper. I caught my wife gaping at me unbelieving and round-eyed in routine Mari C a couple of weeks ago – “It’s really coming along eh?” She said. I smiled thought to myself “Chill baby, it’s only Mari C”

Moment of Non-Attachement: If you recall I put a big dent in the side of one of our cars a couple of days ago. I’m not as bothered by it as much as I might have been in the past. I cursed when I heard and felt the grind – but I think that was more out of the surprise it gave. But I forgot about it completely and when I came back to my car and saw the dent I actually laughed. I’ve noticed tangible examples like these of non-attachment beginning to take hold. Or then again maybe I’m talking bollocks – it could just be I’m richer and no longer phased at the prospect of dropping a grand or two to fix it. But I don’t think so – I really don’t care about this kind of stuff any more.

I’m taken lately with one of my new CDs – Love’s ‘Forever Changes’. It’s extraordinary and I’m astonished it has taken me so long to discover it. How many other old obscure gems are there out there. The band reminds me of my favourite Stone Roses – surly, rude and reluctant geniuses giving the industry (and to some degree even their fans) the finger (or in the British band’s case two fingers) and both having imploded before realising their massive potential. And there’s more than a passing resemblance between the personalities of Ian Brown and Arthur Lee – the two bands’ front men. Anyway I’m listening to the album now and too distracted by it to continue this blog. Later.

One Response to Into Love

  1. russell says:

    Hi Ash,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    When I told Sharath that with his new beard he looked like a terrorist (which, by the way, is true), he said, “okay, I’ll shave it.” He didn’t.

    Thanks also for your post on your blog about Love’s ‘Forever Changes.’ I will definitely check it out, since you compared it favorably to the Stone Roses. My CD, “The Complete Stone Roses” is a permanent part of my small music collection in Mysore.

    All the best,


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