New York?

So it appears that the big guy is coming to New York. I am quite tempted to make the trip down but it would put a terminal hole in my embryonic plans to go to Mysore next winter because I’d probably need to take a week off work and the plan is to save all my vacation until the end of the year for the Mysore trip. But then again maybe not – depending on what kind of schedule they keep at the workshops, I could work remotely as it’s a safe bet that we’ve got tons of mobility space down in our New York offices. We’ll see.

Mum and Dad have been in India for almost two months now – it’s been all North so far but they’re now planning to make it down South – on their itenerary, among other places, are Bangalore, Ooty and yes, Mysore. It’s my Dad’s first trip to India in almost 40 years – he says it hasn’t changed much; it’s just dirtier and more crowded. But he says he’s ‘fit right in’ – it feels to him as though he’d never left. They’re spending most of their time with my Dad’s brothers – three of whom have just moved to India from the UK, Kenya and the US to retire in Gujarat. They’ve each bought new ocean front cottages near Valsad in Gujarat. These apparently only put them back a paltry 25K US plus a few grand to make alterations suiting their tastes. Makes me want to get a place – maybe further south though. I’ve told Dad to check it out – I could do with spending my holidays up at ‘my place in Ooty’! Ooty properties are probably already to steep (no pun intended – it’s a ‘Hill Station’) but one can dream.

Back to the here and now. After last week’s chaos, I’ve been back to my asana routine with 4 straight practices. The last two have been remarkable – like some switch got flipped or something. I’m at a loss to explain it. My practices on Friday and Saturday were remarkable only for my having done them at all. But yesterday and today were something else – a few things that are usually impossible have become possible and even easy. Meanwhile the rest has been deeper and better. Maybe it’s just the latest ‘tipping point’. I’ve seen them before. You practice and practice with no perceptible progress and then suddenly one day you make that move up one gear.

One Response to New York?

  1. rew says:

    you should try to make it for the workshop if you can! last year it was a blast.

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