Time to vote

I’ll be casting my ballot tomorrow in advanced polling as I’m out of town for work on Election day. The governing Liberals are looking set to receive the political equivalent of a game misconduct penalty and maybe it’s just a well. 12 years in power might have had people looking for change anyway but with the taint of scandal and an election campaign of indiscipline, arrogance, ineptitude…and now sheer desparation (with some pretty vicious negative advertising), unless the polls are massively wrong the question now is whether we’re looking at a Conservative majority or minority. To their credit the Tories have run a largely high-minded campaigning. They’ve tacked to the centre and have seemed to have convinced many Canadians that they are moderate and progressive.

Time for the Grits to renew and revitalize…on the opposition benches. For me the question is pretty basic. After briefly considering parking my vote with the Greens, I’ve decided to stay red. Are we better off than we were 12 years ago? The answer for me is unequivocally yes. I’m voting Liberal.

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