Timeout Please

A common theme is science fiction is that magical stopwatch that stops time. I need one of those. I’d just like to make everything stand still for a couple of days so that I can sleep, chill, meditate, and collect myself before starting things back up.

Time is at a premium these days for me and while I’ve got a dozen things I want to get down into this blog, it’s the sheer lack of time that keeps me from doing it. It’s the sheer business of my job, being a dad and a husband and a responsible householder that keeps me fully occupied. I wouldn’t trade any of it. No. I just want a brief timeout.

It’s occurred to me that going to Mysore would be such a timeout. I’d be stopping the clock on my life as I know it. If I have doubts about whether Mysore will happen they’re all to do with just that though…can I live without the ‘stuff’ that makes up my life for such a long time? I don’t mean all the mod cons of course. I mean the girls. Everything else I could manage. India’s no big deal. I spent over year in there in the 80s – so 2 months in 00s would be a cinch. Could I manage that kind of solitude?

The thought would not have occurred to me a decade ago. There was a time when I was my own favourite company and I could (and did spend) days at a time in virtual solitude meditating, reading, thinking. Now, after 8 years of being a dad and a husband I’ve gotten used to the bustle of it all.

Everything else is sorted. The money’s there, I’ve got my manager’s buy-in to take the 2 months off, my family’s ok with it. The only thing in my way is me. Apart from all of the above, I wonder if it’s even worth it. Is it really all that? Know what I mean. For a bit more than the four grand I reckon I need for Mysore, Neera and I could do a great 3-week tour of India with these guys, never mind all the other things I could do with that kind of money like put a fantastic natural water feature in my backyard or finally ‘do’ my home office. I could have these things and keep on practicing my asanas everyday.

Anyway, I’m getting my passport sorted out (what’s the opposite of a procrastinator? I have 10 months before I’d go). The Canadian one expired back in 2002 or something. I’ll probably even get my UK passport renewed while I’m in the mood for such things as it expires in April. I stopped feeling ‘English’ long ago (and I never really felt British); it’s a ‘flag of convenience’ that eases my way out of Heathrow when I need it. I still like England, and London will always be my hometown – it just feels more foreign everytime I visit.

I talked to my Mum and Dad last weekend. They’re getting set to head south. Nice way to travel; they have a driver chauffering them around the country. When the distance to their next destination is too long, they fly, while the chauffer drives there and picks them up

Dad: Where’s in Mysore is that Yoga place you’re always talking about? We might go visit it.
Me: Why?!
Dad: You’ve talked about it so much that we’re curious. So we might check it out

So if you’re reading this in Mysore and you see this vaguely anglophile-looking bloke in his early 60s loitering outside the Shala looking decidely out of place in his khakis, bush shirt and Tilley hat, smoking a pipe. You know who it is.

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