Mourning In Canada

OK, so maybe that’s a bit over the top. The truth is I’m pleasantly surprised at the resilience of the liberal core; become jaded, careless, a bit arrogant after 12 years in power, run a hopelessly inept campaign in front of voters ready for any kind of change…and still after all that, come back with 105 seats – just 17 fewer than the Tories. It says something about what the Liberals accomplished in power and it is a very strong base with which to rebuild.

Also heartening is that together, the progressive parties took 67% of the popular vote and hold 60% of the seats in the house. That will give the Tories something to think about if they’re looking to put forward a conservative agenda.

Honestly, I wish the new government luck. May they govern well. When all’s said and done this is still Canada after all. How conservative can they really be eh?

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